Savings Center - Withdrawal of Funds without Permission from Bank

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This Co.offered to help restore and clear BAD credit from our records.They said Mailing Contracts to sign.In the meantime to setup and Acct.w/ the Bank until the process was Final.They withdrew the Funds before any Contracts were Signed.The Bank says they withdrew the Funds they Deny the Facts to MIAMI says they have 5 DELIQUENT Complaints they refuse to Respond.I make this Report so others will not be SCAMMED or Trapped.I want to know who to notify to receive legal action for this Matter.Thank you .Raul Rod SR.

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Savings Center - Leather or the glue used on a king size bed set.

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After several weeks waking up with a severe headache could not figure out where the bad taste

in my mouth was coming from and missing several

days of work from being sick to the stomach. Family

members were getting concerned with the headaches. We had found out that the glue or leather used in the headboard was giving off some kind of toxic scent that has been causing migraines

can no longer sleep in the bedroom. This set is only

one month old. I have missed one month of work. What should I do? Please respond. 309-219-4596. Morris Ross. Purchased at U.s savings center.

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